Online Walkthrough

We recommend you follow this short tutorial as you begin your first photobook project. If you have any technical issues, please feel free to contact us directly at our support page.

Launch Zoom Zoom

Double click on your Zoom Zoom application icon and the photobook creator will run. A splash window will welcome you to the software.

From here you can choose to create a new project, open a previously saved project, or view your current shopping cart.

Let's click on "Create a New Project" to begin a new project.

Select Category

After clicking on "Create a New Project", you will prompted with a new menu and the option to chose from categories.

We currently only offer Photobooks, so please select the "Photobooks" category.

After you select your category, you will have the option to select one of three product types within our Photobook category.

We have Large Photobooks, Medium Photobooks, and Small Photobooks available.

Choose Sizing

Once you select a product type, you will be able to chose a size. There are 3 sizes for each product type.

Square - a perfectly square photobook

Portrait - a photobook taller than it is long

Landscape - a wide photobok

Use the Wizard

Double click your preferred size and a pop-up will give you an option to use the "Wizard".

The Wizard will help automatically arrange and sort your photos into a photobook - quick and easy.

We will be using the Wizard in this tutorial

Select Pictures

The wizard will prompt you to select pictures. Add pictures using the icon with the 3 pictures and the green "+" plus sign. You can choose to add pictures one at a time from different places on your computer or add an entire folder of images.

Select Number of Pages

Select the number of pages you want your photobook to be. Drag the slider on the bottom to your desired page amount. An info message on the bottom will tell you if you have enough images for the number of pages you have selected.

Pictures Per Page

You can also select the number of pictures you want per page. The images will be automatically arranged on your photobook through the wizard. You can customize this later at any time.

Choose Background

You have the option to add a background from our library or range of colors. You can also opt to not include any background at all.

Preview and Save

You can now preview your design and save it under a file name of your choice. The customization editor will now open with your created photobook. You will be able to order it or edit your project in the editor.

Customize and Order

All you have to do now is select your cover photos and add to cart! Drag any image from your selected images on the left hand side to the white cover area. Arrange as many images as you like and re-size them to how you want it.

Once you are ready, simply click the shopping cart button towards the top right of the editor and it will take you to through the ordering process.